Reflection Questions for 2018

Jonathan and I love to go on date nights where we ask each other reflective questions. It’s a good way to dig deeper and continually learn about each other. Being a verbal processor myself, it’s an opportunity to share how I feel and to work through it. I created a list of questions to help us reflect on 2018 and I thought I would share them. I would encourage you to go through these questions together with a spouse, significant other or friend. I would recommend doing so over a good latte, But that’s just me. 

What was your favourite day in 2018?
What was your favourite restaurant / food  discovery?
What was a new friendship formed this year you are thankful for ? 
Favourite new movie watched ?
Favourite new band discovered ?
Favourite new recipe ?

What has this year taught you about yourself?
What has this year taught you about your spouse? 
What has this year taught you about God? 
What was your greatest learning curve?
What was your greatest surprise?
How has this year grown you?

What do you hope stays the same into the next year?
What do you hope changes in the new year ? 


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