Oh. Motherhood
There are few things that change us more.
I am a natural loving, [good] coffee loving, Jesus loving, creative, Canadian/ Egyptian mom who knows that motherhood is both extremely sweet and yet extremely sticky at times. 

This blog was birthed out of a desire to write, process and share all the joys and hardship of this season. After finding myself bubbling over with a need to write more then ever in this new season- I began writing for publications & other blogs - when I finally decided I would collect my writings in my own space.
 This is where these pages of our life will now live, 
I hope they encourage, help and inspire you on this sweet & sticky journey of motherhood. 


I would love to connect with you at


  1. Ou! So exciting! I know you've got a gift for words (I still have every lovely letter you've ever written me tucked away in my dresser) and I know this will be the perfect spot for you to share all your stories. Looking forward to whats to come. Lots of love. xo -Britt


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